QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Flowers are beautiful hieroglyphics of nature, with which she indicates how much she loves us. -Wolfgang von Geothe

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Marigolds, all around!

It's time! Winter has finally set in, and, as I am typing this, it's raining. This rain will drop the temperature further, bringing in more cold and fog. Just today, I managed to get in a couple of plants to celebrate the winter season better. The chrysanthemums, I shared in the last post, are profusely blooming these days, giving a delightful view of the blooms, white and orange chrysanthemums blooming in a few of my pots, and believe me, when I say, it's breathtaking. I can only imagine seeing these beautiful plants blooming on a piece of land.
Anyways, back to my newest plants, this time around, I decided to lay my hands on a few marigolds - hybrid ones, the ones, which bear huge blooms, with the plant height remaining under a feet. The regular ones, which, I've seen reaching  more than 6 feet (remember, I did a post on one of my biggest marigold plants, one that reached 82 inches in height.) In case you'd like to revisit it again, here it is.

This is the first time, I've bought marigold plants. Otherwise, I've been growing marigold plants from seeds that I get from dried flowers in garlands we get. And believe me, it's pretty easy growing marigolds from these seeds. As I visited the plant seller, I was mesmerized by the vivid colours of the marigold blooms, I saw. I bought the plants, four of them, in different shades of yellow to orange and a dark red one as well.
Metro Greens: Marigold plants
All four marigold plants.
Metro Greens: Maroon marigold bloom
The maroon marigold bloom. Looks pretty nice, right?
Metro Greens: Yellow Marigold
One of the shades of the yellow marigold.
Metro Greens: Orange Marigold
The orange marigold bloom.
Metro Greens: Maroon Marigold
The maroon marigold plant, shot while I was planting it in the pot.
Let's take a look at the plants. I've transferred these to pots, and I hope the rain will help the plants grow and stabilize pretty well with the new conditions, and I hope, the plants will add colours to my garden, which, already is a quite colourful with the chrysanthemums blooming completely. But, these plants, will take some time growing and stabilizing in the new conditions, and while the mums will put an end to their yearly show in a couple of weeks, the marigolds will continue blooming, playing partners to dahlias and calendulas, which I'll be getting in the coming weeks.

Apart from the marigolds, I have got a couple of hybrid miniature roses, that too, for the first time. We'll talk about them in the next post, in the coming week. Till then keep trying and HAPPY GARDENING!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Beginning to enjoy winters

We are in the mid of the winter season. Most of you might have been facing a severe winter conditions, but here in Delhi, it's yet to show us the real might of the - "Dilli ki sardi", which, we are bound to face from around mid December. As the winter season sets in, there's a great chance to get some of the most diverse flora we get during the winter season. The small but beautiful blooming plants with some of the most bright and contrasting colours are a feature of Indian winters, that you can't afford to miss.
Pansies, petunias, chrysanthemums, dianthuses, calendulas, marigolds, dahlias, ghazanias, poppies are among some of the plants that bear some of the most vivid and beautiful flowers, that are available in as many colours as you can think of. Get a bunch of pansies, and you're in for a flower show resembling beautiful butterflies, with hues of contrasting colour shades available.
My garden, that, as a permanent feature, includes chrysanthemums that bloom for a month, every year, during winters. The hundreds of flowers that bloom in bunches, for over a month, in the month of December, is a feature not to miss for any gardener. A few pots in my rooftop garden, are permanently reserved for chrysanthemums, that bloom every year.

For around a month, all of my chrysanthemum plants are bearing buds, and the plants now have reached the blooming stage. And the first one to start blooming are the orange chrysanthemums. It's a happy feeling as I'm in to have a full month of bloom show. Here are some of the first blooms, small in size as the buds have just started to open.

Metro Greens: Chrysanthemum buds
The hundreds of chrysanthemum buds. developing, promising me a flower show.
Metro Greens: Cream coloured chrysanthemum buds
The cream coloured chrysanthemum buds, staring to bloom.
Metro Greens: Orange coloured chrysanthemum buds
The orange chrysanthemum bud, midway through the bloom.
Metro Greens: Orange coloured chrysanthemum bloom and buds
A orange chrysanthemum bud, midway through the bloom.
Metro Greens: Orange coloured chrysanthemum bloom and buds
A sight to relish, the orange chrysanthemum buds and blooms, some opening up, some developing and some midway through the bloom.
Metro Greens: Cream coloured chrysanthemum buds
A cream coloured chrysanthemum bloom, yet to completely bloom.
Metro Greens: Orange coloured chrysanthemum bloom
An orange chrysanthemum bloom, midway through the bloom, along with a small bud.
This flower show will continue for a month, so, I will again have a revisit post with the chrysanthemums, when the blooms are at the peak. Will be back in the next post, most probably, with some new winter plants, as I intend to get new winter plants like petunia and pansy for the first time, calendulas and a few dahlias, as a regular feature of my winter gardens. Till then, keep trying and HAPPY GARDENING!