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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oh... The Roses Again

Oh... The Roses Again

Whatever I do, the roses are bound to appear here more often than any other flowers. May be this is my love towards roses, but, that is it. Today, I'm going to post some roses which bloomed in my pots during March-April this year. That was spring time, and my plants used to bloom more often. Here are some of the images. Featuring here are blooms from my red and orange rose plant. There's one peculiar feature of my red rose. During the springs, it blooms a lot, and when it starts, the blooms are typical red. Over the time, the subsequent blooms turn out somewhat low in colour. During this time of the year around May, when we start experiencing severe heat and soaring temperatures, somewhere in the range of 38 degree Celsius (~100 degree Fahrenheit) to 46 degree Celsius (~115 degree Fahrenheit) and at times, even more, there are great difficulties in maintaining the plants and keeping them safe from the sun and heat, and this, possibly, results in somewhat lesser number of plants blooming around this time of the year.

Anyways, for now, we can enjoy some red and orange roses.

One of my red roses, which, turns out somewhat pink during this time of the year, possibly due to blooming vigorously over the springs.
An orange rose bud.
Another orange rose bud.
Some of my orange rose blooms. I usually wash off the dust cover on my plants, after watering my plants in the evening, as I usually do everyday after returning from my office.


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