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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Growing fresh herbs

Growing fresh herbs

            Hey guys, this time around, I was supposed to write a post about the red gladiolus plant, but, I'd like to apologize because, that plant isn't doing very well, and I won't be able to post about it for the time being. The buds started to bloom, but, somehow, the plant started turning yellow. I've been trying to revive the plant, and expecting it to accept my efforts. This time, I'll be posting about some herbs, that my mother usually sows during winter. These normally include garlic, and coriander. She says that sowing garlic and coriander gives fresh leaves for making chutneys and pastes that are used in preparations and cooking. Since garlic and coriander grow in winters only, it's nice to find these readily available.

Some garlic, and black grams.
Some garlic, coriander and black grams.
Some coriander seedlings, that have just germinated.
             My mother sows the garlic cloves just after the start of the winter season, and these cloves germinate and leaves appear around mid-winter, thus providing us with fresh garlic leaves. Same is the case with coriander. The dried coriander seeds/fruits which she buys for spices for our cooking, is sprinkled in the pots and these seeds germinate and  provide us with fresh coriander leaves.
Some more garlic.
Here we have used vegetable oil cans  to sow some more garlic. It's a good way to use the waste plastic cans to sow small herbs.

                Next post will cover some dahlia plants, two of which I bought a while ago and have started blooming, promising me some great shots, and some good stuff to share with you all. Till then keep visiting and HAPPY GARDENING!


  1. So garlic and coriander just takes 15 days to grow? :O

    1. Seems I messed up with something. :P With "start of the winter", I meant somewhere in November, maybe, mid-november, since here in North India, particularly in Delhi, the winter season can extend for a whole 2.5-3 months, with a whole month and a half having freezing cold.
      And yes, normally, the garlic cloves and coriander seeds germinate within a week's of sowing.


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