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Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Playing with the Seeds

It's been some time since I've posted anything. Actually, I got busy with some other project, I'm working upon. You can also consider me lazy enough to skip writing posts for the blog. Whatever it is, my gardening adventures don't ever stop. I'm in for something or the other, where my gardening adventures are concerned.
Taking a cue from the pleasant weather we had here in Delhi for the past few days, (it becomes cloudy almost every evening, with some showers and rains in some parts of the city), I planned to sow some seeds that I bought last year. Maybe, that isn't such a great idea as most of these seeds have a shelf life of around a year, and thus may completely fail to germinate. Though, now the chances are bleak, I still planned to give it a try
This Sunday, I planned on to finally sow some Zinnia, Balsam, Gaillardia and Hybrid Vinca seeds in one of the pots lying around. The rest of the adventure goes in the pictures below.

First and foremost task - make the potted soil ready for sowing the seeds. You need to have some moist soil (moist, not wet). If the need be, water the soil the overnight for the pot to be able to drain out the excess of water, thus making it suitably moist for sowing the seeds. The pot I am using here is a long (rectangular) plastic pot that measures 18x12 inch.

Metro Greens: Preparing Soil
Digging out the soil to loosen it enough to sow the seeds and also to remove unwanted stuff from it.
Metro Greens: Preparing Soil
Pick up the unwanted stuff, in the form of pebbles, small stones and other stuff, which we usually find in soils.
Metro Greens: Preparing Soil
The potted soil, dug and loosened.
Metro Greens: Preparing Soil
Levelling the potted soil.
Once done, level out the soil in the pot using some tool, or even your hands would suffice. Be careful to work with light hands, and not to compress the soil. It'll get hardened again.

Metro Greens: Preparing Soil
Dividing the pot into compartments to sow different seeds.
I decided to put up some sticks (to be used as dividers for the four different seeds). It'll help me clearly ascertain, to which seed the seedlings belonged to.

Metro Greens: Seeds to be sown
The seeds to be sown.
Metro Greens: Sowing the seeds
Preparing the soil to sow the seeds.
Metro Greens: Sowing the seeds
Sowing the seeds.
Metro Greens: Almost done sowing
Almost done.
Metro Greens: Waiting Now
All seeds sown and it's done for now. Will have to wait for the seeds to germinate.
Once I put all the seeds in place, I tucked up the emptied, pictorial seed packets alongside the seeds, in case, I ever forgot which seed I sowed in which compartment. Once done, I shifted the pot to some place, in shade, where there isn't direct sunlight, but the seeds still got some light to help them germinate.
Now, I have to keep my fingers crossed and wait for a few days, to know whether the seeds germinate, or I have to get the saplings from the nearby nursery, in order to enjoy the blooms in monsoons. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the seeds to germinate, and live on to bloom in the upcoming monsoon season. Till then, keep trying and HAPPY GARDENING!


  1. It's always amazing to start plant from see them grow from a seed to the flowering would be awaited ...Best of luck...

    1. Thanks, for the Visit, Arun. Yes, it indeed is a joyous feeling to sow the seeds and watch the plants grow. :D


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