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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The New Members

The monsoon is here! What if it's not raining properly? We are almost in the midst of the month and a half long monsoon season. As we all know, what the rains, in monsoon does to our plants.  Rain means a lot of new foliage and blooms everywhere, as the plants get respite from the unbearable summer heat. And definitely, we are seeing a change as per the season. The weather conditions are now much more hot and humid, there are occasional rains which also bring down the temperature.
Now, it was time for me to introduce new plants and seeds for the late monsoon season and the early winters. As I almost frequently do, I visited the plants nursery and got some plants. In one visit, I got some hybrid vincas, and a Juhi plant (Jasminum Molle). In my second visit, the following week, I got cosmos plants. The vinca seeds which fell down in the pots last year, have also started germinating. A few bulbs of the gladiolus, which unfortunately died last year, are also at different stages of germination to be ready to bloom in winters. I think I should stop talking with words and should start talking with pictures now.

Metro Greens: The gladiolus bulb germinating
The gladiolus bulb germinating
Metro Greens: The gladiolus bulbs germinating
The gladiolus bulbs germinating
Metro Greens: Some heavily fragrant Juhi blooms
Some heavily fragrant Juhi blooms
Metro Greens: Pink vinca blooms
Pink vinca blooms
Metro Greens: Some heavily fragrant Juhi blooms
Some heavily fragrant Juhi blooms
Metro Greens: White vinca blooms
The white vinca blooms
Metro Greens: White lilies
The white lilies
Metro Greens: The cosmos plants
Some new cosmos plants
Metro Greens: Some new vinca seedlings
Some new vinca seedlings
I am hopeful that the plants will give me some good blooms in the upcoming days. The Juhi now becomes the second blooming creeper in my garden area. The other one being the rangoon creeper, that I almost lost in the winters because of a de-rooting job that went horrendous. The plant, however, fought all the odds and is now back alive, and is now growing pretty well. Though, I have missed about 7-8 months of blooms, as the Rangoon creeper blooms almost throughout the year, but, I am happy that the plant is still alive. Once this juhi creeper grows enough, both these vines will create a stunningly fragrant environment around my home. I will be back with updates on the eggplants, which have now been transferred to individual pots, and many of them doing pretty well. The new chilly plants too have started bearing flowers, and so are the tuberoses. Till then, keep trying and HAPPY GARDENING!

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