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Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Growing the beans, again

Growing your garden, enough to start vegetable gardening is something that, I never planned. Planting and growing different types of flowers in my small gardening space was keeping me more than content. It is something, I always have been trying to do. Be it procuring plants and seeds from a lot of sources, family, my friends and colleagues absolutely think of as odd, as I have got plants from a whole lot of different places, including getting seeds and plants even from cities in different states of the country, where, I frequent on official tours. Getting seeds is still okay, but, getting plants, that too, not just one, but, many, appears to be pretty odd to others.
Last year, I tried my hands on with some vegetable gardening. Since, I practice gardening on my rooftop, in pots. This, restricts my gardening adventures to a great extent. I can't practice full-fledged gardening on my rooftop. Growing flowers, is the best possibility for me. Still, gardening and dealing with plants has taught me to even hope against all odds. Remember my rangoon creeper vine? It almost died with a de-rooting exercise going wrong. Actually my father, in my absence, removed a lot of roots from the plant, and, the plant couldn't bear it. I still left it in the new pot, and after staying like dead wood. Though, I had lost hope of it growing back, but, after staying in the pot, seemingly dead for about 6 months, the new shoots appeared in the spring, and it's now growing good. Though, the whole exercise had me lose, admire the beauty of the profusely blooming white and red blooms of the rangoon creeper and it's fragrance, but, since it has again grown back and doing good, and I can expect the plant bloom again. Coming back to the topic, I started vegetable gardening, with, some beans, bitter gourd ridge gourd and pumpkin as well. Chillies and curry leaves, mint and coriander have quite long been part of my gardening adventures, since these are small and easy to grow plants, that can happily grow in a pot.
With the small successes I got last year with two of my beansstalks, this year again, I have sown seeds of some vines and gourds. The eggplants, I have already shared with you all, and chillies- small green chillies are appearing in the plants. This time, I'll share the vines of beans which have been growing quite good.

Metro Greens: Vegetable Gardening
A shot taken about 10 days of sowing the seed.

Metro Greens: Vegetable Gardening
Captured after 10 days of the above shot.
In the beginning, the saplings are quite slow to grow. You would be absolutely nervous at the speeds the plant grows from the seedlings to a sapling, assuring you that it'll be able to live on. The above shot was taken about 10 days after the seedling shot.
Metro Greens: Vegetable Gardening
A different beans sapling also captured at around three weeks after sowing the seed.

Metro Greens: Vegetable Gardening
Finally achieving its growing speed.

Metro Greens: Vegetable Gardening
Finally achieving its growing speed.
The above two shots were taken about 10 days of the second picture. The vine has started growing quite fast, and I think, in a day, it grows more than 6 inches upwards. Maybe, while it was sapling, it was storing it's energy to amaze me with its speed of growth. Anyways, I am not expecting it to start blooming it anytime soon, but, will eagerly wait for it to bloom and give me some fresh homegrown beans, even though, I don't like having the bean much. It's a good feeling harvesting from your own grown plants/vines. Gardeners will know for sure, what I am talking about. I will be sharing the chillies in the next post, the Malabar Spinach is also doing good, which came up as a result of planting just a small 3 inch stem, but, has grown quite well. Till then, keep trying and HAPPY GARDENING!

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