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Friday, March 13, 2015

An outing - A visit to Garden Tourism Festival 2015 Part-1

I have been hearing a lot about the Garden Tourism Festival that is organised by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) every year in the month of February, just when the winter wraps its blankets so as to allow plants to show their shiny new leaves and beautiful blooms. The timing makes it difficult for me to get around for this event, almost every year, as, this time of the year gets me mounds of work and I find myself choking underneath the load. So, every year when I hear about the event, I plan to give a visit there, and when I can't, I console myself that I'll definitely visit there the next time around, and this has been happening for quite some time now. However, this time around, I finally gave a visit to the Garden Tourism Festival that is organised around mid-February at the Garden of Five Senses, Delhi, to celebrate the arrival of spring season here in Delhi.
This time, it was a Saturday, the second day of the three day event, I planned to slip by from my office that is just a few minutes away from the Garden of Five Senses, however I couldn't. So, decided to leave everything I planned for Sunday and give a visit there. And yes, this time, I did go there. The event is not much but an exhibition-sort-of for gardening businesses and organizations like DDA and MCD to showcase their horticultural expertise. But whatever it is, it's an awesome place to check out, once a year. Hundreds of varieties of plants on exhibit, all blooming in the middle of the spring season, giving you thousands of colours to rejoice. Since this was my first visit, I had no idea what to expect, and turns out it made me awe struck at the view of the beautiful blooms and colours everywhere.
The event showcases different classes of plants, from foliage plants, to succulents and roses and bonsais and other blooming plants and trees. All arranged in different sections with exhibitors that include private growers and nurseries, agricultural universities to public organisations, showcasing their plants. The theme this year was Hanging Gardens. A theme that would appeal to most of the city dwellers most of whom live in apartments and are constrained by space to practice gardening. Plants in hanging baskets give us an alternative way of gardening in space constrained living environments. I did click a lot of photographs, and have been dying to share them with you. The problem is, there are way too many to share, and I, as usual, find it difficult to choose among, so, I'm sharing almost all of them. Here are some shots from the event. Embrace yourself for riot of colours: laughing

And as always, the people from the Horticulture department and DTTDC show us their skills by making these beautiful animals, all from flowers. This time too, I can say, they didn't disappoint a bit.

Moving along, I found my way to the different sections the plants were displayed in. More than everything, the perfect location chosen for the event, The Garden of Five Senses made it a much better experience. Surrounded by beautiful trees, and the plants blooming everywhere, added to the experience.
Beyond the beauty the garden has its own, the event adds a another three days of awesome beautification that would drool every garden lover with the sheer sight of so many beautiful plants available to see.
While strolling down the place, I happened to reach a secluded place, though, there are a lot of those, this was one that caught my attention for the better part of it. The government is using solar power for something. A great initiative in itself. I'm not really sure what and how much they are using this for, but the "Solar Hut" was a welcome thing as far as I am concerned. Something worth rejoicing.
This is turning out to be quite a big post, and indeed, it is. I still have tonnes of picture to share, so, I will stop here. I will be back next week with second part of the Garden Tourism Festival visit. Till then, HAPPY GARDENING! 

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