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Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling

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Friday, March 20, 2015

An outing - A visit to Garden Tourism Festival 2015 Part-2

Last week, I shared with you a couple of pics from my this year's visit to the Garden Tourism Festival (2015). For me, outings are a rare occurrence, and this one was a long awaited one. As I usually do, I clicked lots of pictures, and then faced difficulty selecting just a few to post here, so, I decided to cut short the posts so as to accommodate the many pictures, and then break the visit memoirs into more than one part. This was necessary even as I didn't want my blog to refuse loading with so many pictures loading in a single blogpost.

Anyways, carrying forward with the event visit. Last week's post ended on sharing just a few pictures from the garden of five senses, in its usual form, as you might have found it on any regular day during the spring season, minus the beautiful animals made out of flowers. This time, I will share a few more things from the event. From bonsais to other foliage plants and a lot more.

Then there were bonsais. Lots of them, up for show. It was an amazing sight, seeing huge trees planted in small shallow trays, and looking at the tags showing their names and ages, there was no way one couldn't end up with their mouth wide open. 

The event was all about gardening, however there was a lot more to it than just gardening. For adventure lovers, mostly for kids' recreation, there were arrangements for some adventure. And for the really adventurous lot, I spotted a camel too there, which was being used to give a ride to people down the garden.

And, what to say about the colourful bliss of hundreds of colourful blooms shining bright in the afternoon sun? The potted Dahlias, ice plants, petunias, pansies, cinerarias, phloxes, ghazanias, marigolds, nasturtiums in numerous colours present an absolutely awesome mix of colours, many more than you know the names of.

And then, there were cactuses, lots of them, in all shapes and sizes.

I think this is a lot, and will have to stretch the visit to a third post as well. Anyways, I'll try finishing it off in there. There were stalls too, that gave the visitors chance to buy plants, and believe me, variety of plants, from hundreds of cactuses to choose from, to common plants, bulbous plants, saplings and seeds of plants, gardening supplies, cocopeat, compost, pots, tools and a lot of other stuff and did I mention, orchids too? I will try fitting all of it, in the next post. Till then, keep trying and HAPPY GARDENING! 

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