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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Potato Harvest

Since my gardening adventures is all about trying new stuff, inspired by a post shared on pinterest, last year, I had planted a few potato wedges that had grown eyes in them. I did share a post too about the same in January, this year. Vegetable Gardening-Growing Potatoes was the post in which I shared my potato plants with you all. Well, at the time I had shared the post, the plants were already of around a month or two. In march, the plant was almost ready to be harvested. Well, almost, because my judgement was a bit flawed at the time when I dug out the small potatoes, a number of which had still time to grow bigger.
As much as my judgement was flawed, the plant didn't completely disappoint me. I still had a good enough harvest to be savoured home grown potatoes for a time of food. As happens with potatoes, the stems had started to turn yellow, and thinking that it's just a matter of a couple of days before the plant would completely turn yellow, or maybe, won't turn yellow completely because of the regular watering we were doing. I grew impatient to harvest the potatoes. The harvest wasn't as bad.

Just see for yourself. And well, if you are wondering about the harvest time, since this time of the year, there's no potato harvesting season, I'd like to confess that this harvest is from March this year. I had simply forgot posting the prized harvest up here. So, considering the fact that better late than never, I decided to put it up just before I was considering putting up the lovely jasmine blooms. Jasminum Sambac and Jasminum Auriculatum, both of which are blooming profusely in my garden these days. Anyways, the blooms are still on, and I guess, they will be there for a couple of more days before both the plants are done away with most of their blooming for the year. For the Arabian Jasmine, plant, it's the fourth round of blooming since February this year. The Jasmunum Auriculatum, (Juhi) has bloomed for the first time. Both their fragrance just lighten up the atmosphere on the rooftop, and as of now while I am writing this post, I am enjoying the fragrance of these beautiful blooms.

I will be back, next week to share with you, the Jasmine blooms, both Arabian Jasmine (Chameli) and Juhi. Till then, keep trying and HAPPY GARDENING!

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