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Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gearing up for the winters

After a long summer season followed by the hot and humid monsoon, which this year was pretty good given the timely and ample rainfall we had here in this part of the country, though, the monsoon season was still not upto the mark with almost all of the month of September being dry while almost half of it has downpours of the monsoon season. Anyways, I am now gearing up my garden for the winter season with introducing some winter plants and sowing seeds of the winter blooming plants. I must have told you about the gerbera saplings that I have got.

After sitting idle for almost two months, the saplings of gerbera have started showing some signs of growth. As of the current form, they look more like spinach plants than being that of gerbera with only differentiation that spinach leaves are much smoother than these gerbera leaves.

Metro Greens: Gerbera Saplings
The gerbera saplings in the bag I brought them in.
Metro Greens: Gerbera Saplings
One of the gerbera saplings after transplanting in one of the pots.
Metro Greens: Gerbera Saplings
A seemingly happy gerbera sapling showing a good growth.
Metro Greens: Gerbera Saplings
Another gerbera sapling, doesn't seem too happy, still trying to grow.
For the time being, all the gerbera saplings that I had brought have managed to survive and with the new growth in these, I am pretty hopeful of having some beautiful gerbera blooms in the coming months.
As for the other things, I have made the chrysanthemums too pretty comfortable in their individual pots as a run up to their blooming season. As of now, I am able to see numerous buds in almost all the chrysanthemum plants in all the pots. I will keep my fingers crossed for the colour riot in my garden early in the month of December, when all the chrysanthemums will be blooming in all their glory. Apart from that, I had gathered some Marguerite Daisy buds from a park earlier this year. I have sowed the seeds and I can see some very tiny seedlings germinating in the pots where I sowed these. I will give you an update about these in the coming days. Till then HAPPY GARDENING!

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