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Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beautiful Pansies

The winter season here has one speciality, the seasonal flowers available in the winter season are just a treat for the eyes, and not because of the numbers or varieties, even their colours makes one drool for more of them. Beautiful and colourful flowers have always attracted me towards them, and that is one reason I have always tried bringing in new varieties of beautiful flowering plants in my garden. As such, I have been trying to get my hands on some of these, and some of these like Dahlias, Phloxes, etc have been a regular feature in my garden during the winter season for quite some time now, I never could manage to get petunias and pansies as these feature among the most beautiful offerings of the winter season.

Metro Greens: Yellow Pansy flower bud
Yellow pansy bud
Metro Greens: Maroon Pansy flower
Maroon pansy flower
Metro Greens: Maroon Pansy flower
Maroon pansy flower
This time around, however, I managed to get some saplings of petunias and pansies from the plants nursery nearby, thus, making sure that my winter garden will no longer be devoid of some beautiful colours of these astonishingly beautiful flowers, all of which, in full bloom resemble beautiful and large butterflies with their contrasting colours and amazing patterns in their petals. What's more beautiful about these small plants is the fact that owing to their small size, these can be planted in very small pots, and placed over window sills, balconies and even on walls.

Metro Greens: Yellow Pansy flower
Yellow pansy flower
Metro Greens: Maroon Pansy flower
Maroon pansy flower

The plants are hardy in nature and not much care is required by these plants and are pretty much happy with good amount of sunlight, have moderate watering requirements. It's good to have a good amount of organic content for a fertile and rich soil for almost any flowering plant to bear good flowers and to that pansies are no exception. Another good thing about these plants is that the flowers can stay anywhere between four to five days depending upon the intensity of sunlight, and thus, Pansies are loved a lot for brightening up urban homes during the winter season.
Coming up next week will be blooms from the marguerite daisies and gerberas too, the following week. The strawberries too are in blooms and these too deserve a post dedicated to them, irrespective of whether I am able to grow any strawberries. With that, I guess it's time to wrap up. I will be back next week with updates, till then HAPPY GARDENING!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly - pansies are gorgeous plants! I love the delicacy and intricacy of their markings. To you they are winter plants, and to us, here in the UK we grow both summer and winter pansies. Although they can be short lived perennials, we tend to treat them as bedding plants and compost them at the end of their allowed season. I grow them from seed and they are very easy, as are their smaller and more delicate cousins Violas.

    1. Too bad that we can only enjoy these beautiful plants for a couple of months in the winter season in January-February, every year. You are very right, the beautiful markings, patterns and contrasting colours these beautiful plants are available in, makes them loved. I too prefer growing plants from seeds but then for somoene like me having a very limited space om my rooftop where I do container gardening, and so, it is easier for me to get hold of saplings. Thanks for visiting. :D


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