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Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling

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Monday, February 8, 2016

My Beautiful Winter Garden

Around some 10 months back, I was strolling down in a park when I came across some plants with ripened seed pods at their tops. Since these plants were anyways going to be discarded, since the flowering was over, and these plants had no other use, I decided that I should collect these seeds, and try to sow them in the next winters. While I knew that the blooms these plants bore were beautiful, I also had a good enough idea that it will be a long wait of some seven-eight months before I could sow the seeds and another two three months before I will get to see the blooms. As the patient person that I am (oh, that trait doesn't come naturally in me, but then this hobby of gardening forces me to be patient as the nature has her own will and then, here I can't do anything, being impatient), I waited patiently for the time to come so that I could so the seeds, then waited for the tiny seedlings to grow somewhat bigger so that I could transplant them to more pots, and then, again waited for these transplanted saplings to grow bigger, bear buds and finally bloom.
Marguerite daisy bud
It took a whole three and a half months for these plants from germinating the seeds sprinkled in one of the pots, to begin blooming, and those cream coloured flowers with that yellow center is a delight to watch, more importantly because I have been responsible for every part of them, from germinating the seeds to caring for those tiny seedlings, then transplanting the saplings, ofcourse, with some of those saplings not being able to make it up to become flowering plants, and now seeing my work blooming so beautifully. Marguerite daisies, as they are called, are spring season plants in this part of the world and usually bloom from around middle of January to almost the end of April, and during the period of their blooming, these plants bear numerous buds and these blooms, while not being very fragrant, are eye catching, and are available in a number of colours. The flowers can stay for around three to four days, after which they wither away and make way for the seeds to develop.
A marguerite daisy bud about to bloom
A marguerite daisy bud about to bloom
A marguerite daisy bloom
Now, the final thing is, my marguerite daisy plants (and yes, there are numerous of them, though, in just a few pots) have started blooming, and at this time of the year, I can happily say that now my garden looks really colourful. The Pansies are blooming, the petunias too have started blooming in their violet-white colours, the red roses are in blooms, the white miniature ones are always in blooms, and the pink ones too are blooming. Now that is what I call happiness. Your garden is happy, your plants are happy so you too are happy.
A marguerite daisy bloom
Marguerite daisy blooms
A marguerite daisy bloom
Coming weeks will see more beautiful blooms from the last year's pink dahlia, that somehow lived on to give me blooms this year too, and how delighted I am to see the first bud blooming, and another one lined up to begin blooming once the first one can no longer. The gerbera plants too have started blooming, and with the initial colour, I can say that I am about to get a yellow gerbera bloom in just a couple of days. I am now having my fingers crossed to waiting for other gerbera plants to begin blooming, and am hoping that these would be of different colours. In another part of the garden, the ghazanias too are showing me some buds, the nasturtiums seeds that I had sown from last year's seed harvest too are already in blooms. Did I also tell you that the strawberry plants now have a couple of strawberries that I am expecting will live on. I guess it's time I should wrap up with the promise that I will be back with more updates in the coming days. Till then HAPPY GARDENING!

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