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Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade. - Rudyard Kipling

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pom Preview

The peek preview I posted earlier was one from a blogpost I have been postponing for quite some time now. I being an inquisitive gardener, like experimenting. This, the pomegranate plant, second one, which I grew in my rooftop garden in an earthen pot. Though, I understand plants like these, or the mango plant, that I transplanted into a bigger vessel, last month, are supposed to be trees needing bigger growing space, that is, the unending space to spread their roots as much as they like, in open lands, I have none. That shouldn't stop me from trying on to grow them, in whatever little space I have. Does it?
The pomegranate plant that I've got here is one that grew out of seed from pomegranates I bought from the market for consumption. I decided to throw away some of those in a couple of pots, and this was the result. It has been around two years since this happened, and what more? The young two feet plant, in a small earthen pot bore dozens and dozens of flowers last monsoon. Though, I knew very well that it was too much to expect fruits from a plant this small, actually baby in the true sense, when it comes to fruiting plants and trees.
Surprisingly enough, one of the flowers did manage to go ahead and become a small pomegranate. What more could one expect? What would have been my reaction? Your guess...

Seeing a small bud in the plant… Good Heavens.

Seeing that small bud grow bigger and healthier, more happiness.

Bloom, finally...

Bloom, finally...

That tiny fruit, growing bigger over months, and still appearing small...

I was more than elated. Seeing the plant grow from a fragile sapling, growing and fighting it’s way to become a healthy plant, showing beautiful blooms, still fighting the nature to keep itself alive, and then finally, bearing a small fruit for the care giver… Awesome! What more could I have asked for?


  1. What a great series of photos! I can imagine how elated you were! The flower would have been enough for me, never mind the fruit!

    1. yes, that's exactly what I felt. Nice to see you here. :)


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