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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dahlia delights

Wishing you all, a very happy new year.

The season’s great and while the winter season has almost reached its end, it’s still not the complete end of it. This year, we’ve seen drastically less severe winter season, compared to some years back. This year around, due to some things that have changed from the previous years, I still haven’t got any winter seasonal plants in my rooftop garden. I got some iceplant seeds, which aren’t doing very good, the pink dahlia, which has stayed with me for almost three years now, somehow made its way to grow into a healthy plant, though, this was something that happened with a lot of luck. The chrysanthemums happened to bloom this year too, but, as I’ve been thinking to get some new varieties of chrysanthemums into the garden, since a couple of years, it still couldn’t be done this time too. I always liked the spider varieties of chrysanthemums, the numerous colours and varieties they come in, and have always wanted them in my garden. Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to get some into my rooftop garden.
In other stories, the pink dahlia plant, that narrowly escaped dying out while being stored in hibernation, grew to be a healthy and beautiful plant, and has had one of the most beautiful blooms of a very bright dark-pink bloom, in the first dahlia bud that bloomed this season. The plant still has a couple of buds, and the second one has started opening up for now. I am expecting a couple of more blooms by then the season will end.
Here’s a couple of dahlia blooms for you.

The georgeous pink dahlia bloom

The georgeous pink dahlia bloom

The georgeous pink dahlia bloom, with a new bud coming up soon

Chrysanthemums have bloomed and withered away, since the season has gone. I however have new blooms in the different roses, the white one's blooming beautifully these days, and it's bearing a lot of buds too that are about to bloom in the coming days. The marigolds too are blooming, and have given me colour at a time nothing was there, so is the lone cockscomb plant, the bloom of which has stayed just like that for more than two months now.

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