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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Monsoon Delights - Rain Lilies

I have had yellow and pink rain lilies for quite some time. I have been in the quest to bring in plants from all over. Wherever and whenever I get chance to get myself plants, or seeds if getting the plant is not that easy, I don't miss a chance to grab the opportunity. This is how I got the yellow rain lily seeds, while on an official visit to a client's place, where I found seedpods, which were still unripe, but I grabbed the opportunity and got myself the seedpods. Luckily, even the unripe seedpods gave me some useful seeds which let me have my own yellow rain lily plants.
The pink one, I bought from a local plants nursery, and I do not remember where and how I got it. The white one, which I added last year to my collection is again a chance encounter with a plants seller, while I was returning back to home from somewhere, around this time last year. That was a bunch which I got for a good price, and while I missed a chance to have blooms last year around this time, this year, it's been different, though, I still couldn't give the plant enough space to spread like this species usually does, it's still thriving good.

Rain Lily Bloom
White rain lily bloom
White Rain Lily Bloom
White rain lily bloom
Bunch of White Rain Lily Blooms
A bunch of white rain lily blooms
The rainy season this year seems to be quite long and thus, would be good for the plants, and I will have a great winter season, with numerous winter delights up in blooms. The beautiful juhi plant too is blooming these days, so are the vincas. Up next, I’ve got a great surprise addition to my garden, one that I’ve been trying for quite long, but this time, appears I have been pretty successful, till now. I still have to see a bloom, but am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

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