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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Harshringar Timelapse video [4K]

Harshringar, also commonly known as Night Blooming Jasmine in English, Siuli in Bangla, Parijaat or Harshringar in Hindi, is one of the many varieties of highly fragrant Jasmine plants around. What so special about this plant is the distinct shape and colours of these highly fragrant flowers from the Jasminum family. The five petaled flowers have a pedicel (the part that connects the petals to the rest of the plant). In the case of this flower, as common for most of the other varieties of jasmines, the petals are white, however the pedicel is a bright orange, which gives a stunningly brilliant contrasting look to the entire flower. The behaviour of the flowers, which, again, just like most of its cousins in the Jasminum family, bloom after the sunset, however, unlike most others in the family, the Harshringar flowers fall down on the ground before the sun-rise. Given the medium sized tree that Harshringar can be, you could see a strikingly beautiful ground under the tree, if you have one around your home. Ground turns into a white carpet with lots of white flowers (ofcourse depending upon how your tree is blooming), facing down with most of the orange pedicels facing upwards.

Siuli, as it is commonly called in Bangla, enjoys a special place in Bengali culture, where it enjoys the status of the state flower of West Bengal, India. Two years back, I successfully got two plants grown from stem cuttings I brought from a nearby park, after around two years of unsuccessful tries. This year around, the both the plants grew well and had lots of flowers. Below is a timelapse video I created while a couple of the flower buds were opening up in the evening. The result? You can watch it on your own.

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